Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swimming and Ponies

For 4 days this week, Monday through Thursday, Jake and I have been getting in the car at 9am and jumping into a swimming pool at 9:30 for his first round of swimming lessons. He did so well -- learned the 'reach and pull' stroke, kicking while both on his back and his stomach, floating on his back (with his head on my shoulder and my hand holding him up), dipping underwater (not a favorite), and jumping into the pool (also not a favorite because of going under before coming back up). He did, though, learn a ton and has a lot more confidence in the pool. We're going to do the swim lessons again for 4 days in July and in August. During the class we also sang a lot of songs that involved swishing in the water and jumping up and down. It was a really fun 30 minute class and Jake napped immediately after each class. Here's a picture of his swim suit, so cute. No pictures of him IN it since I didn't bring the camera to the pool.
The other day he pulled out a bag of Aunt Amy's My Little Ponies and lined them up in front of the computer. Even as I type, I have ponies surrounding me. Ha.

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Forza cresci in fretta,saluti dall'Italia