Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jake's Birthday Party

Today we had a birthday party for Jake!

Jake's friend Wydeko came over to help celebrate.
There were balloons and laughter.

And party hats.
And trains (it was a train-themed party).
And a yummy carrot cake with vanilla frosting made by Mama.

(Back row) Grandma, Shelley, Joe, Corky, Frank, Daddy (Front) Wydeko, Jake, Sara, Mama
Now with Papa in the picture!
Eating birthday cake.
Presents -- putting on his new blue crocs from Sara and Corky! Papa called him a blue-footed booby. Funny.
The boy with the blue shoes went to get the blue balloon.
And tried to pop it.
More presents!
A cool pull along wooden snail.
The snail is also from Sara and Corky.
A Rody horse!
He loves these. Thank you Shelley and Joe.
A new bike from Papa and Grandma!
He can't quite pedal it yet, but he loves bikes and will learn.
The birthday boy with his Mama.
And Daddy.
And Papa!

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toriindenver said...

Wow! It looks like you have been having a very fun June! Happy summer - it looks like you are all ready to have a great one. And I am sure a very memorable year for the birthday boy! blessings...tori