Friday, June 13, 2008

New Fence

One of my goals for this summer was to install gates on either side of our property so that we could be sure Jake and any other children or dogs (that we may dog-sit for friends) would stay in the backyard. This wasn't a task either Mike or I was looking forward to. Luckily, my parents decided this would make a great birthday present for both Jake and Mike combined, and it is!

One side of the property, before.
Looking towards the front of the house.
Had to extend the fence out a bit and make an L-shape and then attach the gate.
Nice gate. Funny cat.
The other side. With what we refer to as "the falling down fence".
A 'before' picture.
Bye, bye falling down fence!
Gone! Looking right into the neighbor's yard.
Pretty new fence. Nice and sturdy!
New gate, too.
Jake and the neighbor girl, Alyssa played together while the fence was being torn down.
Reading a book together.

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Comptons said...

Nice fences! It's so nice to know the kids (and dogs) can't get out of the yard!)

Care to share the name of the contractor?? We need a new fence on one side :-(