Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dear Jake,

Today you are 3 and a half years old! Time really does fly when you are a happy mama to a beautiful little boy. It was just yesterday that you were so small and in my arms. You still love to be in my arms, but now your legs hang out so far!

You are such a happy, happy child. Your Gramma thinks you inherited the family happy gene, as you love life and love to do so much. We love hearing you laugh and seeing smile, both which come often. Sure you have your moments when life is hard or no fun, you are three, after all, but those don't last long and you can find something else that you like to do or you feel better after a good snuggle.

You have learned to go to bed early, without mama and daddy in bed, too, for the first time in your short life. Your parents are really enjoying evening time alone, but the best part is when I put you to bed; after we've read a story, you lie on top of me and ask that I run my fingers through your hair and sing you songs. As soon as my fingers touch the top of your head, a blissed-out look comes over your face and you start falling asleep. Last night you even requested that I sing Christmas songs, which I did, and you drifted off while listening to Silent Night.

You are so very active! It is a good thing you have school every day and can go and run around on the playground with your friends. On the weekends we have to find other ways to use up your energy, especially in this cold, rainy weather. Sometimes we take you swimming and other times you get together with friends and play. When you can be outside and run, you run so very, very fast! You love to run, and we are not surprised. Your Grandpa and mama are both runners, and you often wish you could go running when mama runs, and I've promised you that when you get older you can start coming on my runs with me.

You are a boy born in the 21st century, and you are no stranger to technology. You can find your way around the computer, love looking at, and know how to turn on, unlock, and use the iPhone whenever you can get your hands on it. I'm still amazed by how easily you pick up on all this.

This year Christmas is really magical for you and we are enjoying that so much. Thank you for letting us re-discover the joy of childhood through you. We love you so much and can't imagine life without you with us.

Love, Mama (and Daddy)