Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We got one of those rare snows in Portland! Guthrie, Jake, and I took a walk to the bakery for bread for our soup. Took these pictures when we got back -- you can see that the top of Jake's hat is white.
Eating organic Oregon snow. Ha!
Snow was still coming down heavily. Pretty!
With the flash off, you can't see the snowflakes.
This one learned from Guthrie how to make snow angels!
Meanwhile... Mike had gone to the coast of Oregon to work for the day. He got totally stuck coming back -- had to take an alternate route and then creeped along highway 26 towards home. I had to go pick him up at a meeting point since there was no way the prius was going to get him home. I have never been so thankful for AWD and snow tires -- my car performed beautifully, while there were lots of cars parked all over the roads. Finally got him home at 10:30pm, after a 6 hour commute. The joys and perils of snow in the northwest!!

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