Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas Pictures

Outside the lodge there was this decoy coyote. When we first saw it, from a distance, it was the strangest looking thing and we couldn't quite figure out what it was. So we had to go check it out. Jake thought it was cool/fun. That's the frozen lake in the background. It was 21 degrees.
Reading his new Pippi Longstocking book. I loved Pippi when I was a kid so it is quite fun to read her again, from an adult perspective!
Jake and Mama.
Gramma, Jake, and I went on a carriage ride! The horses were named Ted and Kate and took us on a 30 minute ride on the ranch.
After the ride, getting some hot cider.
The three of us playing one of Jake's new games, Zingo.

Before leaving, one last swim on Daddy's back. Jake and I went swimming on Christmas day, in the evening, and then Jake went back with Daddy.

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