Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Land

We took Jake for a magical Christmas playtime and to meet Santa.

In the Christmas wonderland -- we are up where the train is and there is more fun down below.
Waiting in line for the train.

On the train -- this was right when it started to move!
Here it comes around the track.
There's Jake!
The place was a madhouse. Jake went on the bouncy house things for quite a while. You can barely see him in this picture, he was going so fast!
Thus the alcoholic drinks were much appreciated by the adults.
Jake watching a movie after getting his bell and candy cane from Santa.
So earlier in the day I had Jake watch The Polar Express. Thus he got the idea of what Santa is about and all that. He has never seen Santa/sat on his lap before. So after we got in line to see Santa and it was Jake's turn, Jake went right up to Santa with a smile on his face and lifted up his arms for Santa to pick him up. He then started chatting with Santa. Then when Santa asked Jake what he wanted for Christmas, Jake did what he saw the boy in the movie do: he covered his hand with his mouth and whispered to Santa. It was the cutest thing ever! But of course now I have no idea what he asked Santa for, lol!
Jake can't stop talking about how the picture turned his green pajamas red, which is funny, but I totally love this picture.


Di said...

Santa is certainly magical. He even turned Jakes green pajamas red, to match Santa's suit!

korin said...

What a great time! I love that Jake was so sweet with Santa!

And a great pix of Mike! He looks hot with a goatee! ;)

Ellie said...

That is the sweetest santa picture ever!