Friday, March 25, 2011

Alaska 2011 Day 1

We left Portland Thursday night at 10:10pm and flew up to Alaska. The beginning of the flight was not easy -- both boys had a hard time going to sleep and Jake kept waking up and crying briefly. Finally they settled down and the rest of the flight was quick. Grandma and Grandpa Vee meet us at the airport (1am Alaska time).

After grabbing bags and installing car seats, we headed to their house and got into pajamas and went to sleep.

The next morning...

Melissa, Mike, and Olin came over. Cousins meet for the first time.
Grandma with the 2 littlest grandsons.

Uncle Mike and Ryan. Looking good in green!
Sister, Brother, and Olin.
Olin and Jake play.
Tried to get a good picture at the restaurant!
Mike got a 10 minute chair massage. He totally needed it!
Happy Grandma.
Aunt Shirley comes to say hi!

Then we hang out and throw paper airplanes.

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