Monday, March 28, 2011

Alaska 2011 Day 4 and Trip Home

We woke up at Grandma and Grandpa's house that morning and had pancakes for the 4th morning in a row. Yum. There was more playing and hanging out. While Mike and his mom went shopping, Ryan and I hung out around the house and rested while Jake and Grandpa got busy out in the snow.

They made a snow cave -- you can see Jake's boots sticking out of the snow.
Jake LOVED playing in the snow.
Mike's cousin Devin came over to say hi. He's good with babies -- we have a picture of him with Jake when Jake was about that age!
Later that day, Mike, Jake, and Grandpa went flying in Grandpa's little yellow airplane. They flew for about 20 minutes and then landed on a frozen lake and got out and walked around in the woods for a bit. Then got back on the plane and flew back. They loved it!

Then going home was an adventure in itself. We left Anchorage at 9:30pm and flew to Seattle, arriving at 2am. The boys slept on the ride to Seattle but Mike and me, not so much. We hung out at the Seattle airport waiting for our 6am flight to Portland. Neither Mike nor Jake could sleep. Jake watched movies while Mike read and walked around. Ryan and I got a little bit of sleep on the bench, until there were vacuum cleaners running in our area. At about 4:30 the shops started opening up and we got hot tea and muffins.
We finally boarded our flight. Mike and Jake passed out as soon as the plane was in the air. Ryan stayed awake charming passengers until 10 minutes before we landed, which made for a very tired mama.

Back home at last at 8:30am we all ate a big breakfast and then took naps.

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