Thursday, March 20, 2008

21 Months

Jake is 21 months old today. Really?

I'm sorry to say today hasn't been the most fun 21st month birthday. Jake has had a low-grade fever, runny nose, and cough for a few days so we've been staying home and resting. The good news is that he seems to finally really be coming out of it now. That's good because Mama is feeling just a touch of cabin fever. And he needs to be healthy when Aunt Amy is home this weekend.

Here is Jake a year ago!

In other news Mike and I recently watched the documentary produced by Ricki Lake, The Business of Being Born. (Rented it from Netflix.) We were both fascinated by it. Reminded me in a way of Morgan Spurlock's documentaries 30 Days. This movie takes a look at the (sad) state of maternity care in the USA. Although I wasn't pleased with 100% of the movie, I highly recommend watching it.

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