Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hold On to Your Kids

Today Mike and I went to a lecture that we'd been looking forward to for months. Two good friends of ours, husband and wife, interpreted the lecture, and many of our friends were there as well.

The speaker was Dr. Neufeld, author of the book Hold On to Your Kids.
It was a wonderful 3 hour lecture. His message really resonated with us and we have enjoyed talking about what he said and what we learned. His basic message is about following your parenting instincts and ensuring you develop and maintain an attachment with your children, but more so that your children have an attachment to you, which in turn makes it easier to parent and easier for the children to grow and mature. I am halfway through the book right now and it is such a great, and honestly, seriously important read especially in today's culture. I highly recommend it to anyone who has children.

Jake had a wonderful afternoon with his grandparents while Mike and I were at the lecture.

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UrbanHippieMama said...

we really enjoyed it, too!!! it was wonderful to see you both. :)