Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things Jake Would Find in Mama's Purse.
So sometimes if I leave my purse with the zipper open, Jake will dig through it and scatter my things.

1. Lipstick and chapstick. If I don't have one or both of these, I feel out of sorts. The chapstick is mainly for when Mike needs it, but I use it sometimes, too.

2. A little mirror. Comes in handy, especially with a partner with braces.

3. A hairbrush.

4. My wallet. Jake loves to take this out and pull out the cards, especially the ones with my picture on it. Once he took out my credit card and I couldn't find it for 3 days. I finally found it in the kitchen drawer that had all the baking supplies!

5. Peppermint extract. We use this to freshen our breath. It is strong and works well and I like it because I don't have to hurry to suck on a mint or have a piece of gum in my mouth that I later need to find a place to spit out.

6. Avalon Organics lavendar hand lotion.

7. Pens.

8. A cute little pad of paper.

9. A laminated card describing the Oregon breastfeeding laws that allow motherbabies to nurse in public places. I'm so thankful I've never needed to pull it out, but it makes me feel better having it on me.

10. My multi-tool leatherman. It comes in handy occassionally.

11. A few little cars for Jake to play with when we're at restaurants and such.

12. A pack of batteries for my cochlear implant. Sometimes Mike needs the batteries, too!

13. My camera. You know, so I can take pictures of Jake to put on this blog and such! :)

There may be other things in my purse, but that's 13, and a girl has to have some secrets in her purse, you know!


Donny said...

Mike has braces? THAT IS TORTURE. You realize it's no different than breaking people on the wheel? Just as we've advanced technically from fire to the light bulb, so too has torture advanced from the crudeness of the wheel to the modernity of braces. I'm sure Mike would be screaming if he could open his mouth. Ok, kidding. Just did not know about the braces thing.

Lee said...

Donny, you must have missed this post

Torture? Maybe. But you forget how incredibly HIGH Mike's pain tolerance is. He never complains about them.