Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7

13 Things that Jake Loves (to play with)

1. Mama's blackberry pager (and other people's cell phones). He loves to pretend he's typing away on it or making a phone call. Actually, he HAS made phone calls before, twice to Mike's former boss and many times to my friend Eva. Whoops. Now we know to turn off the wireless connection before we give him the pager to play with!

2. Music. He has quite a collection of music CDs and can now identify the CDs and picks out which ones he wants to listen to at the moment.

3. Books. Seems he can never have enough books to read! He is now finally getting back into enjoying hearing us read books to him -- he went through a phase where he just wanted to look at them himself and not have us read them. I can't wait to re-read some of my childhood favorites to him as he gets older!

4. Rocks. Yup, rocks. We have gravel in part of our driveway and each time we go out to get into the car, he must go and pick up a rock. Once in a while I have to collect all the rocks from inside the house and inside the car and put them back in the driveway!

5. Balls. Big balls, small balls, rubber balls, soft balls, tennis balls, ping pong balls. He knows the difference between hard balls that we roll on the floor and soft balls which can be thrown.

6. Wooden puzzles. We have a nice stack and he loves to look at the pictures and play with them. When he's a bit older I think he'll start actively 'doing' the puzzles but for now they are pretty cool.

7. Cars. He makes car noises when he plays with them, and I always have at least one car in my purse for places like restaurants.

8. Wooden food. About once a week he takes these out and slices all the food up. Pretty cool. I'm pretty sure that's a genetically modified cucumber :)

9. Cooking utensils. He has a favorite small red pot that he likes to 'cook' with. For while I was putting dry oatmeal in it for him to play with, and that created quite a mess. Now I like to dump baking soda in there, because that way when it gets into the carpet, it actually helps clean the carpet and vacuums up nicely.

10. Cameras. Again, technology. Fascinating. Not so good for the camera.

11. Water. He's always loved water. We try to keep it in the bathtub or the sink, but you know, it doesn't always stay in those places...

12. The cats. Yes, he loves to play with Theo and Kami. Sometimes Theo will actually play with Jake, by moving just out of reach each time Jake touches him. Pretty cute.

13. His Mama and Daddy!

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