Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things Lee Finds Annoying...
(note, this list is meant to be sarcastic and humorous more than anything, please don't take anything personally!)

#1 Please say "I am well" when asked how you are, not "I am good". When you say "I am good" you are actually saying "I am the opposite of evil" which is really what is NOT what you mean to say.

#2 The toilet paper roll is supposed to go OVER the top, not under. It's much harder to control the amount that you want when it goes under.

#3 Plastic wraps over lids that do NOT have scored marks should be banned. I do not like struggling to open a container of snacks that my kid really wants when I have no scissors around.

#4 Spam faxes. You do not need to keep telling me that you have a special deal package to Cancun that I absolutely must be interested in. I am not.

#5 Spam email. Actually it is amusing for me. Spammers assume I am male, thus I am constantly getting spam email advising me of ways I can better enhance myself for a woman's pleasure. No thanks.

#6 Needing to put little itty bitty bottles of lotions and potions in ziploc plastic bags so that we can make our nation more secure when I go through airport security.

#7 Those little paper cards that flutter out of magazines.

#8 Service/repair people who show up at your house while your child is in the middle of a nap, thus ensuring said child wakes up from the nap earlier than they would have (causing the parent to lose valuable child-free time).

#9 Driving your car on a warm day and taking awhile to realize that the seat warmer is on and that's why your butt feels so warm...

#10 Cars that have alarms but do not have lights that flash when the alarm is sounding... bad deal for deaf people. Your car alarm could be going at full blast and you have no idea until someone tells you. Rather embarrassing. They now install siren and flashing light smoke detectors in buildings, they need to always do the same for cars.

#11 Telephone menus and automated phone systems. Although it is a bit easier now with the use and availability of video phones.

#12 Clothing sizes. We need a clothing standard metric system. Why are some of my shirts medium and others large? I have a wrap-around dress that is XL. Bizarre.

#13 Daylight savings time. Grrrr! We have one clock that is the right time only 7 months of the year. We could do what Arizona does and not have to change it at all!


Pamela said...

love this!

(and the photos of jake are really making me tear up - especially the ones of him and your sister)

I have added you to my blogroll so I won't forget to check in!

love you!

Donny said...

You've just guaranteed the next time we see each other and you ask how I am, I'll throw on my best movie villain face before saying "I AM EVIL!"

Comptons said...

#1) I usually say "I'm fine."

#2) Except when the paper goes OVER the roll, you end up with scenes like this! :-D

#7) I use them to mark my place, or amuse Chase

#12) Totally agree! I hate having to try on EVERYTHING I want to buy - with a standard system, at least I'd know.