Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby and Helmets

Today my midwife, Lennon, came over for my monthly appointment. So nice to get to do it in my own home! Here she is listening to the baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope. All is well -- I am measuring as I should be and the baby's heartbeat is perfect :)
Once a year the Legacy Health Clinic has a 2 hour clinic where they have new helmets available for anyone for $5 each. Mike and Jake both needed bike helmets, so they went. There were many, many, many people there. Jake was actually really excited as he has been wanting his own helmet. His new one is covered with bugs!
Mama feels so much better that this guy has a helmet on. Even though his bike is pretty stable, he's becoming a daredevil on it. While at Black Butte he loved riding really fast down the hills, and taking his feet off the pedals and letting the bike go. Made Mama nervous. Now I won't worry quite so much!

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