Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This summer I am taking a Beginning Photography class. I'm sure you're thrilled since you, the blog readers, will hopefully see some benefit in the way of cooler/better pictures! It is also a nice chance for me to do something for myself before baby #2 comes along and I fall in love and be attached again for another 2 years. (Jake and Mike go to swim class during my class time!)

The first class was last week, and we got our first homework assignment, which strangely enough, has nothing to do with the camera. Instead, we were asked to make a good, old-fashioned collage using paper and glue (one guy was told by the teacher that no, he could NOT make the collage using photoshop on the computer). This is something I haven't done since probably high school.

After some initial thought, I put together this collage. I think it's pretty cool. I used pictures from magazines and greeting cards (I knew I was saving those used greeting cards for something good!) It will be so interesting to go to class tonight and see the other's collages and hear the teacher's comments.

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radishly said...

I LOVE your new header!!! Very happy making.