Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's THREE!!

Jake started his birthday with a smoothie.
(Luckily, we had a blender in time... our blender broke about a month ago due to a part on the motor wearing out. So then a friend of ours gave us his blender to borrow (he's never used it). However, when we pulled it out of the box, the glass pitcher dropped onto the floor and broke. Sigh. So I ordered a replacement, but in doing so, found out that the blade piece had been recalled and a replacement needed to be sent. We would never have known had we not broken the pitcher!! So Friday afternoon a replacement pitcher and blade finally arrived. So the three year old got something he'd been wanting for a month -- a smoothie.)
Time for some presents!
Happy face.
A recycling truck made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Hilarious, but he loves it. There are little cardboard cutouts of bottles, cans, and newspapers that go into the slots on the truck. Then the back opens to get everything out.

A Babar book.
Then pancakes!
More presents. He was thrilled with this tee-ball set.
We gave him this computer that someone sent a while ago. Thank you, and let us know who you are!
He got to watch Thomas the Train in the morning as a birthday treat. He didn't want to let go of his bat and ball while watching :)
In the afternoon was the party at Sellwood park. Luckily we had no rain until the party was over!

The friends couldn't wait to eat the cupcakes!

Singing Happy Birthday. Jake blew out the candles before we were finished singing, which made me laugh.

It was also Ruby's birthday, so we had a joint celebration. These 2 kids were born just 12 hours apart on the 20th!

Skylar and Jake.

Before and after the cupcakes there was playing at the playground!

Jake's present from Gramma and Papa.

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korin said...

Happy birthday Jake! So glad we got to celebrate together!!