Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun with Friends

Our good friends from Texas are spending the summer traveling all up and down the West Coast, and we were lucky to have them come for a visit!
Walking to have dinner at Thai Herbs in the village.
Lola and Jake.
Cameron, Lola, and Mike.
Carrie Lou, Violet, Jake, and Lee.
The aftermath of a yummy meal.
Playing. Lola is 7 and Jake 3. (Violet is 4.5.)
At the playground... the merry-go-round is the best!

Cameron says 'wheeeee!'
Kids laughing at Mike playing with them.
See-saw or teeter-tooter, which do you call it?

Later... a picnic. Tom and his kids joined us.
This is what happens after 2 hours of playground time... droopy kids.
Hot enough for some pool time in the late afternoon!

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Donny said...

Cute! Grace and I just looked at the pictures. Hello from Austin! :)