Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oregon Country Fair, Year 3

This year our OCF experience included camping the weekend at Zumwalt Park. We joined 8 other families and had a blast! There were lots of kids, good food, and good company. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't quite as cooperative, as it was cooler than expected and thunderstorms drove us away from the fair on Sunday. Nevertheless, we are planning next year's camping/fair event!
(These are only some of the 128 pictures I took over the weekend! The full album is on FB.)

Arrival and set-up on Thursday.
Dyed-hair girls.
Swimming in the lake.
Baby-belly buddies.

The community area.
Three nights sleeping in a tent...
Green-hair buddies. These two had such a great time all weekend. Max is just 4 months older than Jake.
At the fair on Friday... Mike was happy to go get his favorite salmon burger.
Wrestling playmates.
A photo of Mommy by Jake.
Chocolate coconut bliss ice cream!!!

Back at the campsite... iPhone love. (No, not ours.)
Napping buddies.

An attempt to take a picture of all the kids. Didn't work.
Last day... packing up and eating.
Pink ladies.

The rain came...
Heading home.

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