Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend for Sara and Corky

I know you've been waiting to see these wedding weekend pictures!! I got everything I needed except from one friend, who got some amazing photos of Mike and myself, but I forgive him due to circumstances :) Will hopefully post those later!

Without further ado...

The wedding party BBQ Friday night.
Overlooking the bluff towards the Willamette River. Could also see the trains crossing the bridge from here, which thrilled Jake to no end.
All the bridesmaids and Sara, the bride (in white shirt).
Yum, smores! There were even vegan marshmallows!!

Rehearsal dinner on Saturday evening.
The actual rehearsal was on the 4th floor of a parking garage. It was actually pretty cool.


The dinner and speeches were on the 5th floor rooftop.
There's Mike in the middle! (I was sitting at the head table.)

Wedding Day! Sunday afternoon/evening.
The beautiful bride, my friend Sara.

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Korin said...

beautiful! what a lovely wedding, and you look fantastic. :)