Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Survived the Heat

Whew, that was one HECK of a heat wave! Temps 100+ without nighttime cool-offs. Made for a very hot house and very hot people. Today is only supposed to get up to about 94, which actually sounds awesome. Jake did very well in the heat (probably due in part to becoming a nudist for the heat wave).
We had lots of popsicles.
Tried not to wear much clothing. I also took prefolds and got them wet then stuck them in the freezer and used those to cool down. Now I can say that I've experienced being very pregnant in the heat of the summertime.
Sweated a lot (notice that glistening chest!)
Mike begged me to shave his hair off since it was so thick and retaining so much heat. So I did, but left a bit in the front so it wouldn't look completely like a crew cut. He looks a bit like a rock star instead with this tuft of hair sticking up in the front. By the way, Jake took this picture!
Other things we did: splashed around in the kiddie pool in the afternoon once the shade was on it; made lentil salad, potato salad, and pasta salad, respectively, each morning so it was in the fridge and ready for dinner later on; watched a lot of movies with the fan blowing on us in order to take our minds off the heat; drank a lot of water; expressed gratitude for the window air conditioning unit in the bedroom each night and forced the cats to sleep in there with us all night; and kept reminding ourselves that it would soon be over. Wild.

Monday, July 27, 2009


It is hot here in Portland, and we are only at the beginning of a week-long ordeal, and in the first of three days of really high temps. The window AC unit that has been living in our garage for all 3 years we've been in this house finally made its debut today.

Jake and I went grocery shopping and dang if that wasn't the most pleasant grocery shopping experience ever. It was nice and cool inside the store and there was hardly anyone else there! Jake and I totally took our time and he helped me pick out fruits and vegetables and helped unload the cart.

And some random pictures for you...

A shot I took for my photography class. I was walking an iced mocha home to Mike. I took a whole series of photos of the coffee shop for an assignment to photograph a "place."
Apparently pregnant women are not the only ones who like body pillows!
Cutie Pie.
(Yes. The same cutie pie who took a blue sharpie and drew on the bamboo floor. About 15 minutes of really hard scrubbing pretty much took it off, but it was not easy. Sharpies now live in high places.)
We're surviving the heat. Thank goodness for the AC unit, a fan, popsicles, and cold dinners cooked during the cool morning hours.

Friday, July 24, 2009

In the Nose

We had our first object-up-the-nose experience with Jake today. He had taken a jewelry pin from my dresser and taken off the safety back to it. He was playing with it and Mike saw him put it in his nose and then show it off.


Luckily he didn't push it up very far and it had good gripping edges, so I was able to gently and easily remove it with tweezers.


Not a dull moment being the parent of a 3-year old!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday I went and picked about 4 pounds of marionberries and made jam. There is nothing better than marionberry jam, especially on freshly-baked homemade bread!
I also picked about 3 pounds of raspberries for eating, and this is in addition to the 15.5 pounds of raspberries Mike and I picked just last Thursday! I am completely done making jam for this summer season. Luckily, our friend Cameron took many of the raspberries and made raspberry-mint lemonade for us to drink.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Six Months!

Well, what do you know? The third trimester is here!

So is it possible to get that nesting instinct this early on? Because Mike and I have been doing some serious de-cluttering in our house, which feels great.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun with Friends

Our good friends from Texas are spending the summer traveling all up and down the West Coast, and we were lucky to have them come for a visit!
Walking to have dinner at Thai Herbs in the village.
Lola and Jake.
Cameron, Lola, and Mike.
Carrie Lou, Violet, Jake, and Lee.
The aftermath of a yummy meal.
Playing. Lola is 7 and Jake 3. (Violet is 4.5.)
At the playground... the merry-go-round is the best!

Cameron says 'wheeeee!'
Kids laughing at Mike playing with them.
See-saw or teeter-tooter, which do you call it?

Later... a picnic. Tom and his kids joined us.
This is what happens after 2 hours of playground time... droopy kids.
Hot enough for some pool time in the late afternoon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend for Sara and Corky

I know you've been waiting to see these wedding weekend pictures!! I got everything I needed except from one friend, who got some amazing photos of Mike and myself, but I forgive him due to circumstances :) Will hopefully post those later!

Without further ado...

The wedding party BBQ Friday night.
Overlooking the bluff towards the Willamette River. Could also see the trains crossing the bridge from here, which thrilled Jake to no end.
All the bridesmaids and Sara, the bride (in white shirt).
Yum, smores! There were even vegan marshmallows!!

Rehearsal dinner on Saturday evening.
The actual rehearsal was on the 4th floor of a parking garage. It was actually pretty cool.


The dinner and speeches were on the 5th floor rooftop.
There's Mike in the middle! (I was sitting at the head table.)

Wedding Day! Sunday afternoon/evening.
The beautiful bride, my friend Sara.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oregon Country Fair, Year 3

This year our OCF experience included camping the weekend at Zumwalt Park. We joined 8 other families and had a blast! There were lots of kids, good food, and good company. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't quite as cooperative, as it was cooler than expected and thunderstorms drove us away from the fair on Sunday. Nevertheless, we are planning next year's camping/fair event!
(These are only some of the 128 pictures I took over the weekend! The full album is on FB.)

Arrival and set-up on Thursday.
Dyed-hair girls.
Swimming in the lake.
Baby-belly buddies.

The community area.
Three nights sleeping in a tent...
Green-hair buddies. These two had such a great time all weekend. Max is just 4 months older than Jake.
At the fair on Friday... Mike was happy to go get his favorite salmon burger.
Wrestling playmates.
A photo of Mommy by Jake.
Chocolate coconut bliss ice cream!!!

Back at the campsite... iPhone love. (No, not ours.)
Napping buddies.

An attempt to take a picture of all the kids. Didn't work.
Last day... packing up and eating.
Pink ladies.

The rain came...
Heading home.