Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beach Trip

Every summer, we try to take a day trip to the beach. The summer had been so busy and/or the weather had not cooperated, so we grabbed a chance to go the first weekend in September. Unfortunately, we didn't have wonderful weather, but we did still have a good time. When we got there, it was cold and windy, but bright. 

After about 30 minutes there, the sun came out! It was so nice and it warmed up. But after 45 minutes it clouded up again. Unpredictable Oregon beach weather.
 Jake and I played soccer for a bit. That was my favorite part of our time there.
 Haystack Rock.

 We had a cooler full of yummy food, including watermelon.
 Mike was happy to take a nap.

Now cold from some time froilicking in the waves plus increased cloud cover and wind. So we sat and dug holes and buried our feet.

We were there for about 3ish hours before heading home. We were glad we went!

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