Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ryan -- 24 Months/TWO YEARS OLD

Dear Ryan, 

You're 2 years old! Wow! You are such an incredible little boy, and we've been watching you blossom before our very eyes. How lucky for us. 
You love taking baths, and now you finally love bubble baths (you were completely scared of them when you were around 1). Afterwards it's fun to put on your robe and be cozy.
Being in a carrier with mommy or daddy is still a fun thing to do, although we do it less often now that you're getting bigger and you like to use your legs more often. This red yamo carrier has been used so much with both you and Jake, that the chest strap broke and had to be replaced!
Along with your growing body have come many falls, bumps, bruises and scrapes :( Luckily, you mostly take it in stride.
You have a great sense of humor!

What else has been happening? You've started to draw straight lines instead of only random squiggles. Your hair has been getting a bit darker -- starting to see some light brown growing in underneath the blonde. You're starting to figure out how it works to flash the lights in the house in order to get mommy or daddy's attention -- a great step to being more independent our home! 

Speaking of being independent, it's clear you have your mother's stubborn streak. When 2 stubborn libras are together, it's not always pretty, but we're learning and I love you times a million no matter what. 

However, the very best thing is your communication development. Shortly before turning 2, you started putting together 2 word sentences on a regular basis! Since then, you have been talking much more (both in sign language and in English) and it makes you so happy when you can make yourself understood. 
So to my sweet, happy, assertive, stubborn, snuggly 2 year old -- I love you so, so much and am so excited to see you continue to grow.

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