Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012 at BBR

We got to spend a long weekend -- Thursday to Tuesday, at Black Butte Ranch. It was a fantastic end-of-summer getaway.

First morning. Happy boys reading in their pajamas.
Working on a puzzle book with Gramma.
There was the necessary watermelon eating outside for two watermelon-loving boys. A good snack in-between bike rides.

During this time at BBR, I taught Jake "the loop" -- how to take a bike ride close to home around a loop where he just has to stay to the left at every fork he comes to, and it brings him all the way around back to the house. The first time, I lead the way. The second time, Jake lead the way with me riding behind to ensure he knew the route. The third time he did it on his own! It's probably near a mile long. That was pretty exciting. 
Morning playtime.
The boys love playing with these beautiful blocks.
The 4 of us took some long bike rides. With Ryan in the bike trailer and Jake on his own bike, we rode all the way over to the Rec Center to the sand playground. We love this playground -- the boys enjoy the play structure combined with the sand, while the adults love the sunny spot with beautiful views to relax and read while the kids play. 

Story behind Jake's shirt -- the morning after we arrived at BBR, I discovered that I had forgotten to pack any shirts for Jake! He only had the t-shirt that he had arrived in plus 1 long-sleeved pajama shirt. Luckily, Mike and G (who came over to BBR with us in order to get on the PCT at McKenzie Pass) were going into Sisters, so they stopped at the thrift store and picked out several shirts for Jake to wear.
Happy kids, happy mama.
Walking over to the Lakeside Bistro for a snack of ice cream -- what a treat!
We got 2 flavors -- mint chocolate chip and strawberry and we all shared.

On Sunday we went to the annual Labor Day concert. Such an amazing setting! The opening band was fabulous but the main band was eh. Still, we were happy to be there.
Goodnight story with Papa.
Jake found a recipe for deviled eggs in his Highlights magazine and wanted to make them. So Gramma helped.
Beautiful deviled eggs!
Monday it was finally sunny and hot enough for an afternoon at the pool. The four of us really played in the water together and had a great time.

Walking home from the pool with Papa.
More bike riding -- definitely a favorite activity here.

Tuesday morning -- one last bike ride to Aspen lake to look for frogs (which Jake had seen a few days earlier). Unfortunately, it was either too early in the morning or too cold, or both, and the frogs were not out.
It was a fun walk around the lake, though!

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