Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer 2012

This year Jake joined the soccer team, the Cheetahs. Most of his team played last year, but Jake has quickly learned the game and has been having a great time playing! 

This is a bit of video from the very first game. I'll have to remember to take a video at the last game to show the difference in their playing!
Jake's good friend Cole (from preschool) is on the team. Ryan likes to hang out with Cole's brother, Logan.
 At the 3rd soccer game, the assistant coach's sister was kind enough to take team pictures!

 I LOVE this picture. Happy soccer boys!
 They are an awesome team. They've won all 4 games played to date.

I love going to the games. Being forced out of the house early on a beautiful Saturday morning and getting to watch the action and chat with friends while drinking my weekly cup of coffee has been bliss.

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