Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bowling Party

Today was Jake's friend Lola's 2nd birthday. We went bowling for her party.

Mike and Jake with the birthday girl.
Jake hanging out with Tom (Lola's father).
Jake got to bowl. Mike put bowling shoes on (they didn't have Jake's size -- the smallest they carry is a 9 and Jake is a size 5) and bowled with Jake. Jake was thrilled, he loves anything with balls!
They pushed the ball down the lane! (The gutter guards were up, too.)
Another ball for the second set...
Watching it roll towards the pins.
Good time!
Mama was there, too.


nicole said...

Cute pics! Looks like you guys had fun! We love bowling...

Aaron said...

Cool to see Jake enjoys bowling. I know Aiken love bowling ball even-though he got frustrated that he couldn't lift the ball by himself. By the way, did Jake chose his own ball?

Lee said...

No, there were other (older) children playing, and the neon colored balls were the lightest, therefore we just used that one.