Monday, February 25, 2008

Train Table

I've been searching for a decent train table for Jake for months now. The ones I've found on have been not what I wanted, priced too high (typically sell for around $100) or came with toys I didn't want. Finally I found exactly what I wanted for only $30. I LOVE it when I make finds like that. So I contacted the owners and was the first inquiry, so it was mine. I went to go see it, but the problem was getting it home. It is too big to fit into our Subaru outback! Luckily it was Mike's last week of work and he was able to swing by and put it into the company truck on his way home. Nice timing, universe, and thanks! Jake loves it -- perfect for using to play with the cars. Hopefully later we can set up a train set in there.
The last 2 mornings Jake has done two new things: 1) he's been walking up at 6:45am (*groan* I liked the 8am wake-up calls better) and 2) he's been waking up and signing "hungry". So one of us has to get up and take him to the kitchen and make breakfast. Which we don't mind doing. It's just early :)


nicole said...

LOVE the train table(what a great deal too). We have one set up or Madden in our living room. He does the exact same thing...climbs right up on top of it. So cute!

UrbanHippieMama said...

what a sweet table!!

i love your new header picture, too... beautiful!

Ellie said...

Ron is making us a train table right now! I tell ya, it's costing as much as 3 tables! lol- but it's so worth it. max is loving his trains on the floor and I know he'll play with them more when they are at his height.