Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, back to Valentine's Day. It was very mellow. Mike and I exchanged nice cards for each other.

Mike came home with these (the puppy card is for Jake from his Portland grandparents):

I went to the Nomad body piercing studio and Tribal Art Museum and got a new fire opal for my upper ear piercing. For Valentine's Day Mike wanted fish and chips from his favorite place, which happens to be located near Nomad, so that was his present. Other than that, we just spent time taking care of Jake.

Jake has been doing a lot of this. He has also been wanting to be held a lot, too. I let him watch children's TV for the very first time, and he was mildly interested. I believe in TV when one is ill :)

Jake's communication skills are growing by leaps and bounds. He is now starting to consistently put 2 words together using sign language. I am also noticing him saying words at the same time he is signing them, sometimes. Yesterday I was amazed at this conversation (all in ASL):
Jake: milk
Mama: you want some milk?
Jake: *laugh* (means yes) (points to the couch) sit.
Mama: you want to sit and have milk?
Jake: *laugh* baby read
Mama: you want to read the book about babies and milk and sit and have milk?
Jake *laugh!!*

We have a sweet book that is all about breastfeeding babies, called Near Mama's Heart. It is his favorite book right now, and he wants to read it over and over. He also likes to nurse at the same time we read this book, just like the children in the pictures of the book. Definitely a nice thing to do when he is not feeling well!

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UrbanHippieMama said...

It was so wonderful to see you, and I am so glad you are feeling better. I hope Jake is, too, soon!!!