Thursday, February 21, 2008


Our zoo membership cards arrived in the mail yesterday, so today Jake and I took advantage of the sun and headed to the Oregon zoo. (Thanks for the zoo membership, Shelley and Joe!)

The first thing we saw were the sea lions. Jake was in awe. I was, too, they are so beautiful and graceful.
Jake is THAT tall compared to these bears!! From left to right, grizzly, sunbear, polar, and black bears.
I brought some veggie booty for a snack while at the zoo. Once Jake discovered the treasure that I had in my ultra-cool snack sack, he didn't stop eating until they were gone. (In praise of the snack sack: The snack sack is made of cloth and has a stainless steel bowl inside. Holds snacks and is washable. Clipped it to my yamo carrier via the carabiner. It was easily accessable to Jake and I didn't have to worry about him spilling a whole container of the veggie booty.)
Running around on the big grass lawn.
With mama.
Still eating.
And eating. Yum!
Look at me run!
Cool blue butterfly and Jake having fun.

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