Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

Well February is traditionally the hardest month for me, since I start to tire of the rain and cold (mind you, I love rain, but not rain AND cold), so I decided to list 13 things that make me happy.

Lee Vee's 13 Things that Make Me Happy

1. Waking up to see Jake's face every day.

2. Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss ice cream.

3. Passionately kissing my husband.

4. A good book. I recently finished reading Water for Elephants and The Cosmic Serpent. Both very good!

5. A hot bath or shower.

6. Being naked outside (which sadly, is a rare occurance).

7. Going for a hike or a walk outside. Hope to do more hiking this summer!

8. My pink boots!

9. Snuggling under the covers in the bed and feeling warm and cozy.

10. Seeing Jake do or say something new.

11. Getting spontaneous hugs and kisses from Mike and Jake.

12. Having fun with my family (Mom, Dad, sister, etc...)

13. Knowing myself well and feeling good about that.


Elizabeth said...

I need those boots.

angstmonkey said...

Although I am not a pink girl I truly understand your love for a good pair of boots. I have a pair of combat boots (yes, Grey and River's mama does wear combat boots) that I have had forever and I love them. LOVE.


nicole said...

Your boots are FAB! Love 'em!

just beautiful said...

those are pretty badass boots... are they new? comfy? where'd you get them?

Lee said...

They are SO comfortable. And they have great traction on the bottom for rain or snow. I got them on sale last year at my local shoe store -- one of the last pairs! They also came in black and green, the green would have been super cool, too!

Hedro said...

Yes, #8 makes me happy too! Those boots scream happy! I need some happy boots! LOL!