Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Play at OMSI

We got a family membership pass to OMSI for the year (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and today I finally took Jake there for the first time. It was a blast!! They have a whole "science lab" set up for kids 0-6 to play in. Really cool.

First Jake and I went to see the critters exhibit, and we sat in a giant (fake) eagle's nest. Jake thought it was pretty silly.
Right after that Jake spied the waterworks. Not wanting him to get wet right after we got there and remembering how wet he got at the waterworks at the Children's Museum (after which I took him home wearing almost nothing but his diaper), I luckily was able to steer him to the giant sandbox which he thought was great!
He played happily in the sandbox for about 40 minutes.
There was a big tub of sand in the middle of the sandbox!
He went to play with the cars/people/blocks for a bit.
And tried to see how many people he could gather in his hands at a time. (He tried the same thing with all the cars, and then with all the helicopters.)
Back in the sandbox, he actually carried on quite a conversation with this other boy! It was so cute and amusing to watch. They were speaking back and forth to each other.
This vacuum tube was pretty cool. Put the ball in...
Up and away it goes! (See the yellow ball.)
Right before we left, he was playing with these giant foam dominoes.

Can't wait to go back!


angstmonkey said...

I just missed you guys today. LMK when you want to go back and we would love to meet you. We like to go at the and of the day (3:00 ish) it is usually calmer.


Comptons said...

That looks really cool! We've been talking of getting a membership for Chase's birthday, but I wasn't sure what there might be for Chase to do. And he loves the water, so I'll have to remember to pack a change of clothes :-)

nicole said...

My kids had a blast last time we were there...Madden loved the water! Jake is adorable. I can't believe how much our boys have grown. They are so amazing and fun to watch!

Aaron said...

Let's go to OMSI when we visit you guys in March 2008!