Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Numbers and Letters

Jake has been doing so well lately! He loves school and is pretty excited to go every day. I don't really get to hear about what he is doing in school, but it is obvious that there is some learning going on and developmental leaps taking place.

Lately he has been counting anything and everything -- on his own and just for fun. If I give him a pile of crackers to eat, he will line them up and then count them. I think yesterday he was attempting to count the books on the bookshelves, but he probably can't count that high yet :)

He's also showing a sudden interest in letters -- we have magnet letters on the refrigerator and he has been playing with them. Then this morning he totally surprised me -- he picked out the correct 4 letters out of the jumble of them on the refrigerator and spelled his name!! So. Very. Cool!!
(Sure, he spelled his name backwards, but the letters are facing the right direction and are in the right order. Still awesome.)

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toriindenver said...

Wow! Do you think you'll teach him our secret code right away? Do you still remember all those symbols?