Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYC -- Good Eats

Friday night Amy and I went to Blossom, an amazing vegan restaurant.

First, we ordered a bottle of Attitude. Yes, that was the name of the wine, a sauvignon blanc. (After this bottle of really nice wine, it was wonderful to walk all the way back to the apartment in the cool, fresh air! (We took the subway to the restaurant.))
We shared this appetizer, a ravioli with parsnip and crushed potato inside, topped with shitake mushrooms and truffle oil. It was probably my most favorite thing that I ate all weekend.
Then my entree was hickory-smoked tempeh with collard greens and fingerling potatoes in a horseradish sauce. Amy had a lentil vegetable mix in phyllo layers.
Happy sisters/diners.
We shared dessert (thankfully) which was a rich chocolate ganache with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter sauce.
Saturday night... arriving at our restaurant in the rain. It was as small as it looks -- you can see the front door, the tables, and the kitchen, and that was the extent of this very cool place!
Dirt Candy was the name, a very unique vegetarian restaurant. The thing about this place is that they take vegetables and put them in combinations that just blow your mind. Things you would never think to put together. Not only do they end up tasting good, but they taste interesting. An experience I would definitely recommend.
First course. Tyler and I had Kimchi Doughnuts -- watermelon radishes, cilantro and wild arugula. And Amy had Onion Soup -- farmhouse cheddar, kumquat marmalade. (I had to look up the menu online, the dishes are so complex that I couldn't remember the ingredients!)
Second course. I had Asparagus Paella -- artichokes, morels, saffron tomato broth. The piece on top was a hard rice krispie treat, and it sweetened the whole dish.
Amy had Golden Beet Papardelle -- yogurt, pistachios and honey.
Tyler had Stone Ground Grits -- pickled shitakes and a tempura poached egg. We spent some time trying to figure out how they managed to get fried batter around a poached egg!
Desserts -- Red Pepper Velvet Cake with peanut butter ice cream and Ice Cream Nanaimo Bar (sweet pea, mint, chocolate)The next morning I went to Josie's West for brunch. I had seared Asian-marinated organic tofu salad which had baby arugula, roasted vegetables, chickpeas, avocado & balsamic vinaigrette.
And enjoyed talking with Guthrie!
Then onto Sunday night dinner. Amy and I cooked up this dish which includes roasted butternut squash with sage and garlic, Swiss chard, white beans, and pasta with a sprinkle of Parmesan on top. It was fantastic.
I ended my culinary experience by getting some tea from this coffeshop in the airport. Couldn't resist :)

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