Saturday, June 19, 2010

4th Birthday Party!

Getting ready... it was a "sea animals" theme party.
Showing off his decorations for the front door windows.
The cake is all ready! (Another yummy cake from Robots Love Cupcakes).
My 4 year old! (Notice the cool new haircut!)
Cole arrives. Let the party begin!
Making their bags to hold the party goodies.
Max, Serena, Skylar, Cole, Jake.
Baby Porter with her mom and grandma.

With their bags in hand, hunting for sea animals in the backyard.
We got so lucky and the sun came out!! It was supposed to be a grey, rainy day. Lucky us! (Sierra with her dad -- the only picture I got of her.)

Sea animal comparison conference.

Ooh... there's an octopus!

Found a shark.

Counting animals with Gramma.

Time to fish!

Skylar caught a green one.
Luke got a red one.
Max getting a fish.
Hugh and Kingsley.

Skylar, Kingsley, and Hugh.Fish! There were treats inside the fish -- lollipops or bubble gum.

Happy birthday to you!
Yum! Chocolate cake layered with strawberries and topped with vanilla-flavored blue icing. (The blue dye came from purple cabbage!!!)
Opening presents. Luke and Max look on.

Time to run off all the sugar! The daddies joined in playing.

Who's hiding behind the tree?
Ahhhh! Grandpa monster!
After the party, having fun looking at the presents and starting to play with them.
Giant fish balloon.


Donny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, JAKE! :) Looks like a great bday party. Sun came out too! And wow, Lee, looks like your due date is tomorrow! :)

Jean said...

It was a great party!

korin said...

Looks like a great party! Love the new hair cut, and mama, you look so beautiful as the pregnant mother of a 4 year old.
I'm so grateful that you are all in our lives!