Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barefoot Running

The other day the 3 of us went to REI for some new Keen sandals for Jake (which he loves). While I was there I was totally intrigued by a man trying on these strange-looking, floppy shoes.

Okay, so his were black and more manly-looking, but you get the idea.

I asked him what he planned to use them for. "Running" he replied. I had actually recently read something about barefoot running and how it is supposedly better for your physical health, but of course my thought was, unless I was running on a beach, ouch.

Well apparently this new footwear is the answer. I went to look at the women's styles, but there were none. I asked one of the REI staff why they didn't have women's styles, and it turns out that they were completely sold out. Apparently this footwear has been flying off their shelves. Check out this website for more information on these shoes.

I love to be barefoot and we are barefoot inside our house, as a rule (with socks on in the winter). I'm going to keep my eye on this new footwear for after I have this baby and am ready to run again!


yana & tj said...

ive been using a pair of these for almost a month now, they are amazing. they are not as good for your "health" as ACTUAL barefoot running since they still restrict bloodflow similar to shoes and they dont allow the skin sensation and full range of muscle use. however i have been using them to prepare my leg and foot muscles for full barefoot running and let me tell you it engages muscles that normal shoes dont like crazy so go easy at first to give yer legs/feet time to strengthen for the new stride.

Donny said...

Whenever I go for a walk around the lake, I always see at least one person wearing a vibram five fingers. They're definitely popular. And very eye-catching. :)

Aaron said...

This FiveFingers KSO may could replace my worn-out Tevas. It looks like a good product for trekking throughout the beauty of Alaska. It can be wet too.