Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday at School

Today marked the start of birthday celebrations for Jake! It was the LAST day of school and also the day we chose to celebrate his birthday at school with his class. I got to show up at school and I brought a poster with pictures of Jake from when he was a baby till now. (Each child who has a birthday celebration in the Sunflower classroom does this.) It was so much fun to go to his class and see how they celebrate.
Jake helped teacher Lydia lay out the months of the year. Then he held a globe, the candle was lit, and he stood by "June." Then teacher Lydia and I each said a few words about Jake when he was born, after which he walked once around the months. While walking around, the class chanted a little thing about the earth going around the sun.... (didn't quite catch it). Then again we talked about when he was 1, 2, 3, and 4 and he walked around once for each year while they chanted the same thing. It was really very sweet!
Looking at his poster with teacher Lydia.
Then I got to have lunch with Jake and the other kids. It was fun to see what lunchtime was like!
Jake chatted with Cole -- they've become really good friends this last half of the year.
Then Jake got to hand out treats to each classmate, with teacher Alison's help. (Originally I had brought oreos for him to hand out, but then Jake begged for donut holes. Apparently donut holes are really popular, and I don't blame them. I got 4 different kinds -- glazed, chocolate, powdered, and jelly-filled. Word around the preschool classroom these days is that glazed ones suck (my favorite!) and chocolate ones are cool. Need to keep that in mind for next year.)
Powdered was the second-favorite.
Happy powdered face smile.

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