Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello Again!

I'm back!! Our computer was in the shop for more than 3 weeks during the month of May, which was awful, but we lived :) After a new hard drive and a new graphics card (and a hole in our wallet) our beautiful computer is back. For a while we seriously thought this MAC was a goner, and I was grieving that loss and not wanting to downgrade to a smaller, cheaper computer (the iPad is totally cool, but just doesn't compare to what we have), but in the end the MAC tech folks finally figured it out.

Today we picked up the computer and set it up again and we've been taking turns getting our computer fix so this first blog post will be a short one. But don't worry, I have LOTS of pictures to post in the next week to catch up!

Thought you'd enjoy this belly shot -- 5 months pregnant (taken about 2 weeks ago).


Lynne said...

you look beautiful!!! so glad your computer is back and Jake is feeling well again.
With care, Lynne

Kristin Stalker said...

Lee, this pic of you and your beautiful belly really makes my heart happy for you friend :)