Thursday, June 10, 2010


Winning things is awesome. Especially if you forgot all about entering into the contest in the first place. I entered a Maranatha nut butter sweepstakes contest, I think, in the fall of 2009. I believe we had to write a short statement regarding how we like to use Maranatha nut butter products. I think I wrote something along the lines of making Jake an almond butter and homemade jam sandwich for school everyday.
I was totally surprised when, about a month ago, I received a letter in the mail stating I'd won first prize, which was $100 worth of their nut butters! Awesome, especially since we go through a LOT of jars of their nut butters.
We are especially excited to try 2 of their products we've never had before -- Dark Chocolate Almond spread (awesome) and Sunflower Seed Butter (not yet opened). Yum, yum.


Laura said...

Congratulations! That's an awesome prize. I love their no-stir almond butter.

Keri said...

*jealous* ;)