Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where art thou, sun?

Here in Portland it has been June-uary. Rainy and cold and not at all summer. Yuck!

So when the forecast showed a nice, sunny weekend, combined with a party at the beach, we were all for it!

Upon arriving in the late afternoon, Jake and I headed straight for the sand. It was windy and slightly cold, but the sun felt good. And Jake LOVES the sand.
We stayed overnight in Warrenton, at a friend's beach house. Jake and I shared a bed while Mike got the floor. Jake was happy to snuggle with Daddy in the morning.
We went to breakfast at an old-fashioned cafe in Astoria which billed itself as vegetarian-friendly. Which was true, but it was still very much cafe food. The waiter was really friendly, though and it was fun to sit at the counter.
While waiting, Jake was given some temporary tattoos. Pretty appropriate for a seaside town, no?
Jake took this picture of me while we were waiting for our food.
Unfortunately it was misty and overcast at the coast the second day so we hightailed it back to Portland to catch the SUN. Which was good because the sun disappeared again this week.

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