Monday, August 20, 2007

14 Months!

Today Jake is 14 months old. Please make time slow down.
Mike and I are really enjoying that his communication skills have just taken off. He knows soooo many signs now and picks them up after you show them to him once or twice. I estimate he can sign at least 30 different signs and understands much more. Some of the signs he knows are cat, dog, food/eat, Daddy, milk, hot, close (as in closing a door), water, frog, bear, shark, sorry (he said that to me for the first time today), music, fan, ball, shoe, smoothie, book, shower, brush teeth, rain, moon, and more. He is also speaking as well, but I honestly don't know how many words he knows. He does like to say "side" when he means "outside". People have caught him saying random words like socks.

He is coming so close to being able to walk. He practically runs now when pushing the toy walker, and insists on going up the stairs himself either by crawling up or having us hold his hands and walking up. He's worked on going down a few times, but isn't too into that right now. I am hoping he'll be walking by September 13th -- I signed him up for a fun toddler gym class that is for "Walkers to 24 months". I'm not sure what would happen if we show up on the first day and he isn't quite walking on his own yet.

He's so wonderful, sweet, and curious. We love you, Jake.

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Korin said...

oooh what gym class? i want to do something w ruby, maybe we can join you!