Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toys and more toys

We went over to the grandparent's house today. My parents need a new roof so Mike went to help my Dad put tarp over everything that is stored in the garage attic. Before they did that, though, we went through old toys and brought down a whole bunch of toys that Jake is ready to play with. He is in need of new toys as he has become so bored with the ones he has now. For me it was a walk down memory lane! So sweet to have these toys that I used to play with.

Jake now has his own red chair. In the background there is also this cool mini-slide/climbing structure. I can't wait to set that up for him! We also found the big lego sets and other things. Yes, my parents kept the original boxes for everything and put them back in there :)
After that was finished, we had lunch on the deck. Jake explored.
Yay, water! His favorite!
He was pushing a little car along the top of the rail.
The walker is one of his favorite things, both here and at home!
So cute. He zoomed along the deck, with one of us constantly staying with him trying to prevent him from crashing into wherever he was headed, and turning him around. The walker at home actually has a bumper added to it made from foam insulation for pipes. I'll have to get a picture of that.
We all enjoyed the nice day.

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mama_nomad said...

you are so good at updating your blog! jake has the sweetest smile--it was great to see you all tonight!