Saturday, August 18, 2007

MV Fair and Garage

This morning the three of us walked to the main street of Multnomah Village for the annual street fair. I'm embarrassed to say that I've been living in this area for 6 years and have never gone. That had to change, and so we went this year and enjoyed it!

Leaving our house...
Our street was full of parked cars for the fair.
We arrived in time to see some of the parade. Silly man on bicycle.
Old fashioned fire truck.
It was long!
Tractor... pretty cool.
Posing with a dragon. Jake thought it was interesting!
This was Jake's favorite part -- getting to see and pet the horse. He loved it! He kept pointing and signing "horse".
At the fair I got to meet Renee and Heather, the authors of the Enviromom blog! As I've emailed them and left comments on their blog before, they knew who I was, and have read this blog. Very cool. They had a booth down at the fair and were encouraging education on safer cleaners in the home. I wish I had gotten a picture of them and their booth but oh well.

After the fair we went to Powell's bookstore and all three of us picked out some new books. We had a gift certificate to use for that, so that was fun. Jake feel asleep on the way home so we parked the car in the garage and worked on it more. Back in the early springtime I set a goal for us to have the garage completely organized by the end of August. We are well on our way to meeting that goal! I am thrilled. Earlier in this week I had this cool shelfing unit installed in the garage. It is 4 by 8 feet and holds up to 600 pounds of your junk! This is what it looks like with only our winter tires on it.
Here it is with lots of stuff on it (I actually added a few more items after I took this picture).
This space is better than it ever has been before. Yahoo! The final steps are to buy a workbench kit and set that up so Mike has a place for his tools and do to work. We also want to buy a pegboard and put that on the wall to hang garden tools such as the rake. We'll get hooks to hang our 10 foot ladder on one wall, and below that put more hooks for coats such as Mike's work coat and coats that are soaking wet from the rain, etc. I also need to get a bench of some sort so I can set the recycling bins on top of it and have space below for Mike's work boots and our hiking boots, etc. After that, the garage should be pretty much set!

What's cool also is that if we end up needing more storage space (and I imagine we will as Jake grows older and we add to our family), we can have more of those ceiling storage systems installed for more space. Give me a holler if you want the name/phone of the company, it is some seriously wicked storage space!


Renee said...

It was great to meet you Lee! thanks for stopping by. And just so you don't feel bad, this is the first year I've ever stayed at the fair past the parade :-)

It was cool talking with everyone who stopped by our booth, and encouraging that most people were so open to being greener.

Renee (from

A said...

That is a great shelf! I keep trying to think of storage stuff like that in my house (no garage). I wish we had a bigger kitchen - something like that would be great for pots and pans!