Friday, August 10, 2007

Dinner Party

On Wednesday night Guthrie, Mike, SaraBeth, Jake, and I had a dinner party. We cooked halibut that Mike and I brought back from Alaska. We also had a very big salad and brown rice with peach/blueberry crisp for dessert. It was very yummy.

Being cute.
Telling us a story.

Trying to make that sound by blowing on the wine bottle. Jake was amused. Tried to blow on it, got his lips on the opening to the wine bottle, tasted a bit of wine, and made a YUCK! face. Ha.


Donny said...

Hilarious :) Wine bottle music is as fine as philharmonic efforts. Next time... concert in the backyard!

Korin said...

Yay! You've been missed! Jake is soooo cute! let's play soon - when my baby is no longer sick, of course!