Sunday, January 20, 2008

19 Months

Dear Jake,
Today you are 19 months old.
Jake: Yeah, I know that, but I'm playing a computer game right now...
Mama: You have gotten so big, you love computer games and you can even climb onto the chair and then onto the desk and then into the computer chair which has wheels on it which is why you don't climb that in the first place. (Sorry for the run-on sentence, Mom.) Today you even dragged the chair over to the gate at the top of the stairs, and nearly gave me a heart-attack, but you seemed to understand when I explained that that was not a good idea. Otherwise you are a sweetheart, and give me lots of hugs nowadays and love to cuddle and play with me.

Jake: Really? Tell me more.
Mama: One of your favorite things to do is to tell me to spin around, so I hold you and spin in circles and we both end up giggling. You always want more, immediately, but Mama gets dizzy so I only do 1 at a time. Another favorite game of yours is for me to hold the wooden "lawn mower" with the wood balls in it that make so much noise, and you have me go stand in the corner next to the garage door, and try to scare you when I come out at random times, or manage to hide somewhere else without you seeing me. You want to play this all the time. You read books every time you get into the car, and sometimes it is a struggle to buckle you up as you are reaching for books and starting to read them before I can finish. You love playing "This Little Piggy" on your toes, and Mama gets a kick out of saying "tofu" instead of "roast beef". You are ticklish on your spine, and on the sides of your lower abdomen, just like your daddy.
We love you so, so much, and still more every day. We are so glad you decided to join us and make us a family.

Jake: Do I have to give you a kiss right now?

This is Jake one year ago, January 2007. He's grown a lot of hair since then! At this time last year he was perfecting the art of sitting up, unassisted. Now he climbs onto the computer desk. :)

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