Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow, Castle, Dryer

When we woke up this morning the ground was covered in white. Were we back in Anchorage?? Nope, Portland, especially the West Hills, got snow. It was really pretty and was melted by about noon.
Before Jake woke up, Daddy built a castle for Jake and the anamalz.
He didn't even knock it down until about 6 hours later!!
We went and bought a new dryer today. Boring, I know, but a week without a dryer is a long time -- I have laundry piled up! My mom even let me use her dyer before I went to Alaska so the 3 of us had clothes to wear. Am looking forward to the new dryer being delivered tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

A new dryer isn't boring! The highlight of our January was buying a new dishwasher. :) Loved seeing the pics of your mom last week!

Lee said...

Ha ha! Humm, maybe a new dishwasher is more exciting than a dryer :)