Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anchorage in January

The 3 of us were invited up to Anchorage to attend Mike's mother's birthday and baptism.

Jake is waiting at the Portland airport, watching planes come and go.
This plane just arrived at the gate.
Birthday dinner party. Jake is playing with his Uncle Mike's phone.
I took this picture looking out my hotel window at 9am. The moon is in the middle of the picture, to the lower left of the streetlight.
Aunt Etta, Mike, Jake, Grandma, Mama May, and family friend Doris.
View from Mike's sister's living room. Beautiful!!
Checking out a snowmachine.
Playing with Aunt Melissa. Melissa's dog, Eddy was around. Jake was fascinated by him but also very nervous as he is a very big dog, about 80 pounds!
Path out of the house and down the driveway. Mike shoveled this path after we arrived! It had snowed about 6 inches the night before.
Jake, all bundled up and walking in the snow wearing his snow boots.
We also visited with friends Aaron and Adrienne and their son Aiken, who is 2 months older than Jake.
Mike and Aiken are comfortable on the couch.
Both boys were watching the Signing Times DVD. I was fascinated, too!
Lee and Adrienne with the boys, who kept their eyes on the TV!
Mike and Aaron with the boys, again with their eyes on the TV, heh.
Mike and Aaron with their Alaskan Amber Ales.
Aiken and Jake with their bananas.
Playing and being cute.

Playing in the tunnel tube.

After Sharon's baptism.
So we arrived on a Thursday afternoon and left at 1:45am on Sunday!! Going to the airport at midnight and returning the rental car was COLD. It was about zero degrees and wow, that was cold. We practically ran from the rental car to the inside of the terminal, and our lungs ached from the cold. Jake had been asleep for just 5 minutes before we arrived, and cried all the way from the car to the terminal, either from the cold or waking up or both. The flight went well and we came home and went to bed at 7am. The trip was worth it as we had a great time! Jake particularly enjoyed playing with his Alaskan grandparents, and playtime at their house involved lots of oatmeal, pots, and brooms!

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Amy said...

The last time we were back was a couple years ago in November for Thanksgiving. I didn't miss living there at ALL. Too cold. Painfully cold. And tooooo dark!

Glad you made it back safe and warm though!