Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Humm, not much time this time, so ...

13 things I can see on my desk

1. Small stuffed elephant. Belongs to Jake.
2. Calculator. Always comes in handy.
3. Small decorative mukluks from Alaska.
4. A screwdriver. ?
5. A bag of almonds. Good snack.
6. A wooden shaker rattle. Again, Jake's.
7. The TTY phone. Only phone in the house! (Not counting pagers).
8. My Avis Preferred Member card.
9. A postcard picture of the prince and princesses of the Swedish royal family.
10. A headlamp flashlight. Again, ?
11. Drug Guide for Nurses. Helps with my job sometimes.
12. An old cassette tape. Jake had been using it for his 'cell phone'.
13. Not one, but TWO containers of pens!

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