Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas and New Year's

More Christmas Eve pictures... Jake opening one of his presents. What's in the box?

Wooden puzzles!
Figuring them out...
Christmas Day. Jake in his Christmas pajamas and a hat to keep him warm. Yay for the new radio flyer wagon with all-terrian wheels!
A happy Jake pulled a toy out of his stocking...
Lee and Mike sitting on the new stools for the kitchen island...
Jake snuggling with Aunt Amy. You can see the snow outside.
Cute and cozy.
We went to Black Butte for the New Year. Here's Guthrie throwing powder snow at Jake who was laughing at it.

Jake and Mike in the loft at the Sister's Coffeehouse.
Look at all the snow there! It was beautiful.

Mt. Washington

Jake sleeping on the ride home.

The ride over the Santiam Pass to Black Butte was wild. It had been snowing on and off all week, and was snowing hard for the second day in a row when we went over. Lots of cars going over, lots of cars on the side of the road putting on chains, and lots of snow. We even saw a tow truck on 2 wheels as it was attempting to lift a car that had gone down a snowy bank. Eek. Luckily Mike is an experienced Alaskan driver and I was very thankful to have him at the wheel. That and an AWD car with traction tires that was weighed down with 4 adults, 1 child in a carseat, and a ton of bags and groceries. Going back to Portland the pass was sunny, easier to drive, and with more road showing.

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