Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black is the new Green (from Aaron)

So you've noticed some changes around here, huh? My friend Aaron started a new blog, and then explained in this blog post why he chose an all-black background -- for eco reasons! I understand his computer jargon just enough to get why it saves more energy to have a black background, but not enough to explain it myself. That's why I included the link to his blog ;)

I'll work on tweaking it here and there, but for now, I hope it's not too hard to read!


Amy said...

You blog looks like Halloween!

all I wanted said...

lol agreed it looks someewhat like Halloween. The black is kinda startling. Maybe a lighter shade of black?

Donny said...
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Donny said...

I remember the pre-internet days of 2400 baud modems when getting online meant a black screen and a slow line-by-line crawl of colored ASCII characters. Jesus, I'm old. Anyway, when the WWW came about and browsers had a white background, it was a pain in the eye to me and I thought this "internet" thing would never catch on.

I clicked through to Aaron's post and then subsequently to the source he links. One of the criticisms is that CRT's (where the black vs. white energy savings are most obvious) are being phased out. As things stand now, the world is 25% CRT and 75% LCD with the percentage of LCD users getting higher every year. The energy difference is fairly small on LCD monitors. A better solution would be to encourage your readers to dial down the brightness on their LCD monitors which would result in an energy savings regardless of what color is displayed.

As a person who reads your site through an RSS reader, I will always see a white background when reading your posts :(