Monday, April 21, 2008

22 Months (1 day late)

With all the dryer drama yesterday, I forgot that Jake was officially 22 months old!

I have no idea what he was doing here, but he looks like some sort of Arabian king giving a speech.
My darling little boy is all of a sudden so not a baby anymore. He is a boy. And oh boy, what a boy!! He can run super fast now, and climb so many things. He completely surprised me tonight by climbing into the bathtub by himself. I was just grateful that he still wanted mama to take a bath with him. He's a voracious reader of books and loves to listen to music, still. He's really into trains right now, playing with the ones that he has and building his own from the big lego set that he has. When we're going to leave the house, he signs and says the word "GO!" and loves going out and seeing what we're doing. Best of all, he loves to be outside, no matter the weather. He has started climbing into his stroller and asking to go for walks. He's a great eater, most days willing to try whatever we put on his plate. He naps once a day now and has finally started to have a more or less regular bedtime, and Mike and I are finally getting time to ourselves in the evenings, which is so nice. I am glad we waited until he was ready for that, though. Jake loves to help us out around the house, putting away laundry, wanting to sweep the floor, and helping us to carry groceries into the kitchen. He's a sweetie who will give hugs and kisses when asked, and his favorite thing is to have both his mama and daddy with him.

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